About Us

Child Protection Alliance (CPA) is a membership organisation with more than 38 members working for and with children. Since its inception in 2002, CPA has devoted in promoting and protecting the Rights and welfare of Children through advocacy and lobbying strategies, strengthening the capacity of civil society and the government as well communities. Over the years with proactive engagement and networking, Child Protection Alliance has contributed to some positive trends taken by government and other stakeholders in protecting and preserving the rights of children in the past years, for example, National Child Protection Strategy 2016 - 2020, Child Safeguarding Policy and the establishment of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare as well as the Directorate of Children. 

Similarly Child Protection Alliance has engaged in numerous capacity building programs and community initiatives to strengthen child protection at family, community and national levels. Several capacity building programs were initiated with and for communities especially in Lower River and Central River Regions to help communities understand the importance of child protection and to enhance the course of creating a child friendly Gambia. 

Our Activities Include:
  • Advocacy 
  • Training 
  • Research
  • Monitoring state legislation